Recipes for success: Chef Alejandro Maestro Villayandre gives advice and a recipe for one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite dishes

Dubai: Alejandro Maestro Villaander loves his job. As executive chef at Tatel Riyadh (where Cristiano Ronaldo is an investor), he does what he loves best: feed people. The Spanish chef, who began his culinary journey at the High Schools of Hospitality and Cookery in León and Santiago de Compostela and worked in the kitchen of the famous Spanish chef Martín Berasategui before moving to the international chain Barceló, enjoys his time in the kingdom.

It’s a new culture, a new country. And a good opportunity to improve my skills inside the kitchen.

Here he discusses why he loves salads, what food Ronaldo likes best, keeping things simple, and offers a delicious black cod recipe.

When you started out as a pro, what was the most common mistake you made?

I think the main mistake almost all of us make when we’re starting out is overloading the dish with techniques we’re learning, or presentations that aren’t quite as practical as during actual service in a real restaurant. As I always say, less is more.

What is the best advice for amateur chefs?

The best advice I can give is not to become obsessed. Just enjoy cooking. You don’t need all the materials we use every day in a professional kitchen. Take it step by step and don’t start with the hardest recipes. Often times, what is simple is more fun.

What is the one ingredient that can instantly improve any dish?

I don’t know if I could pick just one ingredient because the beautiful thing about cooking is the wide variety of flavors and textures you can play with when preparing a dish. From the most luxurious truffles, caviar and saffron to the more common ones.

When you go out to eat, do you find yourself criticizing the food?

Honestly, I never pay attention to bad things. I’m always trying to see what’s good and what I can incorporate into my cooking: new ingredients, flavor combinations, different dishes. I am a very sympathetic person with my colleagues, because I know how hard it is and that – like anyone in any job – they can have bad days.

When you go out to eat, what is your favorite cuisine?

It depends on the day or who I’m going with. I try to differ and always be open to trying other cuisines from other cultures, because as a chef I believe this helps you improve professionally. From the best restaurants to the most modest ones, you can always find surprises.

What would be your favorite dish if you had to quickly make something at home?

I love salads. I think they are a very interesting alternative. It is simple, healthy and fast. And you can make thousands of combinations. Also, it is a dish that allows you to make use of whatever you have left over from other meals – pasta, chicken, tuna……

What is a customer request or behavior that bothers you the most?

Often, the lack of empathy they show us. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be demanding, because that can help us be better. But, like everyone, we have bad days, food is not always to everyone’s taste, and sometimes, people forget that behind every dish there is a team that tries to give their best so that the customer can enjoy it.

What is your favorite dish to cook and why?

I don’t have a favorite dish. I always try to find new dishes. I like to play with flavours. It doesn’t always go well, but that’s the way to learn, to try and try again.

Are you strict in the kitchen? Or completely relax?

To devote yourself to the kitchen, you need to be a little crazy and really love your job. I love the job. I like to get my hands dirty and take part in the daily life of the restaurant. I try not to yell, but the kitchen is stressful sometimes so a little yelling is inevitable.

What are Cristiano Ronaldo’s favorite dishes at Tattle Riyadh?

burrata with honey and lavender; cecina de leon (beef bacon); black cod and miso sauce; and cheesecake.

The Recipe: Chef Alejandro’s Black Cod and Miso Sauce

1. Clean and cut the cod into equal portions.

2. Leave the cod to soak in the salt water for an hour.

3. Dry well and soak in miso for two days.

4. Clean off the excess miso from the cod.

5. Burn the skin well. Turn it over and bake for five minutes at 200°C.

6. Leave it to rest for five minutes.

7. Remove exposed bones.

8. Using a brush, apply miso to the fish and bake for three minutes at 200°C.

9. If you have a torch, burn the fish a little.

10. Serve.

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