Temperatures could reach 24°C this weekend, making it the hottest of the year so far with dry and sunny weather for many.

The high pressure, which has generated good conditions across the UK over the past few days, is expected to continue through the weekend and into next week.

Cardiff recorded the highest temperature of 2023 on Monday when it reached 23.4C.

UK weather: Sky News’ latest forecast

Forecaster Simon Partridge said it could get much warmer over the weekend with a high of 24C in south-east Wales and around the Bristol Channel on Saturday and Sunday.

Other parts of the UK could see temperatures into the high teens and early 20s.

“We’re getting there slowly,” said Mr Partridge. Hints of summer.

“For a bank holiday weekend, it’s very rare for it to be dry and sunny, so we’re not doing too bad.”

Dry and bright weather is likely to continue for most people with very little rain expected throughout the next week.

Met Office chief meteorologist Poul Gundersen said: “The jet stream in the north of the UK prevents unstable weather systems and allows high pressure to dominate bringing fine weather to the vast majority of the UK.

“The current high-pressure situation means we will see westerly air flow over the UK, which is a cooler direction than if air was brought in from the south, regions like Spain or Africa.

“So it is very unlikely that we will reach heat wave conditions, but temperatures will still be warm into the low 20s for many, particularly in the southwest and south Wales.”

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Looking ahead, MetService Vice President Stephen Keats said: “Next week is half a week across most of the country and there is a strong indication that high pressure will continue to dominate our weather.

“Its exact location over the UK will determine temperature, wind direction and weather patterns, however, indications are that dry, bright weather is likely to continue for most people with a little rain throughout the next week.”

Meanwhile, travel groups warn of a busy time on the roads for the long weekend and half term holidays.

RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “We fully expect families to make the most of the largely fine weather over the coming days, which is why we’ve been anticipating a bank holiday in late May since before the pandemic.

“In the next week and a half in many parts of the UK day commutes will also be a huge advantage as roads to the coasts and countryside become more crowded.

“Going away early in the morning or delaying flights until the evening is the best way to avoid the inevitable delays.”

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