The Met Police Commissioner has revealed that two to three criminal cases against the officers are expected to be brought to court every week in the coming months.

Sir Mark Rowley has apologized to the former officer’s victims David Carrick He said that the public should “prepare for more painful stories as we face situations that … blight our integrity”.

Speaking at a meeting of the London Council’s Police and Crime Committee, Sir Mark said the force had not “applied the same level of ruthlessness” in keeping themselves safe as it applied to fighting crime.

As he said it The met They will find “probably many more cases where we got it wrong” in their review of hundreds of officers historically charged with sexual offenses and domestic abuse.

Sir Mark said the criminal cases against the officers due to come to court in the coming weeks were “a mixture of fraud, violence and violence against women and girls”.

Referring to Carrick’s “horrible case”, he said, “We are all equally terrified that we have hundreds in the police who shouldn’t be here, Carrick is a terrible example of that.”

He offered a “sincere apology to the victims for our failures, it should not have been a police officer – that shows.”

Sir Mark also apologized to “women across London who are frustrated and whose confidence in policing has fallen”.

“We must do much better for London. The problem of lifting the stone and exposing painful truths will not be solved overnight.”

“It will be painful. We need your support and the support of the people of London … as we rid the organization of those who would corrupt our integrity,” he said.

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The Met recently began reviewing hundreds of officers charged with sexual offenses or domestic violence after the Carrick case, who have been on the force for 20 years despite investigations into at least nine incidents.

Carrick, one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders, admitted to 49 criminal charges, including 24 counts of rape.

Sir Mark said he was “moving heaven and earth” to finish the review by March when its findings will be made public.

The commissioner also apologized for the Met’s failures in the case Hussein Shehab’s computer22, pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a girl between the ages of 13 and 15 as well as three counts of taking indecent photographs of a child.

PC Shehab’s case is one of several to come to light in recent weeks that have called the Metropolitan’s examinations and complaints into question.

Two retired meteorological officers Last week, they were charged with possessing images showing child sexual abuse.

The charges were part of an investigation into the chief inspector on duty who was found dead before he was charged.

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