A victim of cop rapist David Carrick plans to sue the Metropolitan Police for damages, claiming the force could have stopped him from ruining her life.

The woman said she hoped legal action would help uncover details of police wrongdoing.

She said, “I am not the same person I was before I met him. During our time together, he made me feel scared, humiliated, and worthless. I carried all of those feelings with me for years after the relationship.

“After what he put me through, I struggled with confidence. I don’t trust men, I can’t build healthy relationships. I don’t trust authorities, especially the police.”

The Metropolitan Police accepted that it had failed Carrickits victims by failing to properly screen him when he joined the force and allowing him to stay for two decades, even though he had been warned numerous times of his predatory behaviour.

The victim, who could not be identified for legal reasons, lived with Carrick at his home in Hertfordshire for several months, while he worked as an armed officer protecting Parliament and foreign embassies. He raped her again and again.

Carrick was finally arrested for rape in 2021 and suspended. last week, He confessed to 49 sexual offensesincluding 24 cases of rape against dozens of victims.

The woman, now in her forties, consulted attorney Harriet Westrich, director of the Center for Women’s Justice. Ms Wistrich said: “We are exploring potential legal remedies, which could include claiming damages under the Human Rights Act and other potential shortcomings.

“We are also very careful to gather the information we have on the history of Carrick’s humiliation to make sure there is a thorough investigation into what the hell was going on.

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“Two or three officers go to court most weeks.”

“It is unbelievable that this officer has been serving in the Metropolitan Police for nearly 20 years and has been repeatedly reported for violent behavior towards women, and for carrying attitudes that were clearly infuriating for a police officer.

“Not only did he stay in the police, he was promoted and got a firearm. He seriously abused his position as a police officer, but more importantly he was a violent psychopath in his treatment of women and should have stopped much earlier.”

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The victim said that after moving in with Carrick, she was not allowed to work and had to close her own business. When she left him, she was penniless, homeless, and forced to use food banks.

She said, “Since that relationship I have had nightmares regularly. I have dreams where I am imprisoned in his house and seek sanctuary. I would wake up screaming, sweating and my heart pounding.”

PC David Carrick’s List of Recognized Offenses

  • 24 counts of rape
  • Nine counts of sexual assault
  • Five counts of assault by penetration
  • Three counts of coercive and controlling behavior
  • Three counts of false imprisonment
  • Two counts of attempted rape
  • Charged with attempted sexual assault by penetration
  • The number of times a person has been caused to engage in sexual activity without their consent
  • indecent assault charge

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