Online propaganda campaign in Yemen, Iraq and other countries associated with the US military: Meta

London: Technology firm Meta has alleged that online propaganda campaigns targeting Middle Eastern countries including Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Syria are linked to the US military.

In its latest report on the threat of hostility, the company said the network that coordinated the campaigns used fake social media accounts to promote pro-Western narratives and they were taken down in August after an independent research group flagged the profiles of Facebook’s parent company.

The report’s findings said: “The American network – associated with individuals associated with the US military – operates across many Internet services and focuses on Afghanistan, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Somalia, Syria, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Yemen.”

The social media giant said it had removed 39 Facebook accounts, 16 Facebook Pages, two groups, and 26 Instagram accounts for violating its policy on “coordinated inauthentic behaviour,” a term used to describe the coordination of accounts, the adoption of posting techniques, and the promotion and posting of false content.

The campaigns, believed to be the first of their kind, are designed to discredit Russia, China, Iran and other countries, while promoting American views and values.

The tactics adopted by the US network were similar to those used in anti-Western campaigns, such as using fake people and posting fake images across multiple platforms.

The people behind this activity are primarily posting in Arabic, Farsi, and Russian about news and current events, including terrorism concerns and praise for the US military, as well as content about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic — some of which we have removed for violating our disinformation policy. We have,” the report added.

Although experts believe the campaigns were largely ineffective and their reach was severely limited, Meta argued that the operations were conducted across several internet services, including Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, VKontakte and Odnoklassniki.

“Although the people behind this operation attempted to conceal their identities and orchestrate it, our investigation found links to individuals associated with the US military,” Meta said in the report, adding that “the majority of this operation’s publications had little or no association.” By. Authentic Communities.”

The report seems to confirm previous speculations made by various media outlets that the US military was behind the campaigns.

In September, the Pentagon ordered an in-depth investigation into its overseas social media operations after reports emerged that the White House and other government officials were increasingly concerned about the use of online covert warfare and influence operations.

According to Congress, such covert activities risk damaging U.S. credibility by evoking the propaganda operations that authoritarian governments use to promote their agendas at home and abroad.

The US Department of Defense said it was aware of the report published by Meta, but at this time, we have no further comment on the report or possible actions the department may take as a result of the report. “

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